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XXL Freshman 2018

[Intro: YBN Nahmir]
Ayy, huh, huh, ayy, ayy, haha
Ayy, gang

[Verse 1: YBN Nahmir]
Not really with talking, not really with sparking
These bullets be coming through brick house
A ni*** gon’ shoot and then try to run
Like hollow tips won’t blow his back out

You go through the back, you get hit with this MAC
Lil bro said “We emptying this bitch out”
If they acting froze, then we upping poles
Lil bro said “We carrying this bitch out”

I just hit a stain and I’m in my lane
So please do not tweak with the gang
This .40 go bang, it’s hitting your brain
Don’t breathe or you won’t feel the pain

I’m still on the block with thirties and Glocks
Whenever I’m not in L.A
A ni*** gon’ speak on Lil Valley and wanna beef
So he gets shot in the face

Still on the block every day
Tote Glock, those black AK’s
Came off of Flock, AK
The plug got four AK’s
You know I might buy that, turn a block in to a whole pack
Take you down for them racks, if you down we need that

Ain’t no ni*** made me run, even if they had a gun
I was out here shooting shit for fun, R.I.P. that ni*** Pun
And girl punching on a mac, lil man he push a ni*** back
Glizz, you know I keep a strap, ah, I’ll put us on the map, bitch

Ayy, I said I’ll put us on the map, if a ni*** talking crazy
Glizzy finna knock ‘em back, I ain’t really with that talking
Yeah, I’m finna grab that strap, if you ain’t finna grab that strap
Glizzy gon’ push ‘em back, ayy

[Verse 2: Stefflon Don]
E, honeycomb bee no queen, I’m a goddess
I’m a certified G, D, say it like you ready for the D
If you’re all about your money, then you’re all about me
Just know, East Side we don’t say “sho'”
‘Cause it’s real out here, we got the tea though
Oh, captain breddas on toast, look out for paigons, shoot at the po-po

Gun too cold like snowman
Gyal drop my paper like postman
I make gyal run like roadman if my money come short like Konan
Watch when I pull up, pull up then dip
Gyal get lift up like she pon dick
If gyal hiccup, finger nah hitch
Gyal get wet up like she just pissed

Nuff girl talk but it don’t do shit
When they see me pon road, dem girl there just scram
Don’t think ‘cause I’ve got P I’m shook
They will get shot like a hundred grams

Gun too cold like snowman, I drop my paper like postman
I make gyal run like roadman if my money come short like Konan

[Verse 3: wifisfuneral]
Ay, yuh, ay, ay, yuh, yuh, okay like
Hate me, they hate me, ayy, ayy
Gun off safety, protect your children you can’t save, you feel, ayy

I’m blazed in like hollow tips, yo’ girl deserve a swallow ship
Ash Ketchum, I guess she gon’ polish this
Okay, back from the dead, smoking thrax in my bed

It’s that young boy who don’t care, 9 shots popped up in the air
I’m gon’ ride, I don’t care, wait, bend her like a pretzel
Take her soul then get to dippin’ like, bitch, I’m chopped up
I’m not slopped up and this Pimp C bumping heavy

Hold up mama for the blade, looks like I’m ready for takeoff
Can’t see legs my space now, diamonds outer space, wow
Vanilla interior Chevy Impala, up on my way now
Had that bitch to end on some 24s like check my spacecraft

Treat this rap shit just like it’s a drug
There’s only one spot, I gotta take it now
If I die today, then I’m the best that ever made it now
Man, you can’t do this shit, you get that pressure
You gon’ fade around, you can’t do this shit
You get that pressure, you gon’ fade around like

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